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About Us

Rangers Protection Security was envisaged with the aim of delivering personalised solutions at unmatched prices, making cutting-edge security affordable for everyone. Established in 2008 by a security professional himself, our impeccable service is a result of the ground-up experience of our top management. Today, Rangers Protection is one of the leading security companies for both corporates and residential areas, providing a safe, peaceful environment conducive to professional & personal growth.

Our Approach

Pro-activeness & insightful personalisation is the key to our unparalleled service.

Our targeted approach aids us in designing the most-suited solution within the client’s budget.

Our Services

We promise you a new look and more importantly, a new attitude. We build that by getting to know you, your needs and creating a targeted security plan that will satisfy all your needs.

Professional Security Officers

Our rangers ensure the safety of people & property. Our officers follow a professional approach while dealing with troublemakers. They’re conditioned to detect crime before it occurs hence pro-actively minimizing the chances of crisis.

Emergency Alarm Services

Emergency Alarms Service at Rangers ensures 24/7 safety. The moment you buzz it, your emergency call is connected to the control centre where an operator is always available for immediate help.

First Aid Attendants

First Aid Service is an integral part of any organization's response system. It is mandatory for every system to equip the members with first aid supplies and equipment in emergency. Regardless of the precautions a company may take, First aid emergencies could always arise and hence attendants to solve them are a must.

Security Consultation

Our licensed, industry-certified consultants are always available for detailed site assessments and consultations, resulting in plans and procedures that are both preventative and responsive during office hours. Ranger Security Protection provides plans, strategies and resources for your corporate assets considering site-specific identification of security threats and vulnerabilities.

Concierge Services

Concierge Services at Rangers are second to none. Concierge is a vital one-stop hub for residents of a building and our staff goes the extra mile to fulfil every need of the resident ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Bike Patrol

This is one of the most facilitative and useful services under which our officers watch over and guard the area by regularly hovering around on bikes. This manoeuvring helps keep a close watch in order to protect discreetly & efficiently.

Shoplifting Prevention

Shoplifting Prevention involves activities, functions and programs designed to reduce a retailer's loss due to theft, control deficiencies and operating inefficiencies.

Training modules at Rangers provides the officer with the primary responsibilities of the store-greeter position, including:

  • Maintaining a constant presence at the entrance
  • Officer Appearance
  • Professional conduct
  • Deterring crime
  • Greeting patrons
  • Preparing incident reports
  • Responding to EAS alarms
  • Validating receipts
  • Performing Foot patrols
  • Observing shoplifters

Mobile Patrol

Mobile patrol is one of the most preferred mediums used in security systems of a society. Some of the defining features include:

  • Marked and Unmarked Security Vehicles
  • Visible patrol units in constant contact with our Monitoring Centre 24/7
  • Compact patrol zones for fast response
  • Static commercial, business & industrial security services
  • Retail/Shopping Centre security
  • Security pass control management
  • Patrols performed by Rangers Security supervisors, typically career security professionals with significant security experience
  • Daily patrol log reports, weekly or as needed by mail, fax or email

Contract and Co-operative Security Services with other Security Companies

Rangers Protection Security believes in good relationships with different companies working in the same field. Our Security Guards comprehend the meaning of team work, either with co-workers or with guards from other companies. Our staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced law enforcement personnel who will ensure safety is achieved. We train our staff to be allocated to specific jobs or work-sites for a better output.

Why Choose Us?

The trust we’ve built over the years is credited to the utmost dedication of our talented officers. At Rangers Protection, we understand the significance of team proficiency and hence undertake stringent hiring & training procedures. Regardless of their experience, employees are permitted onsite only after completion of our rigorous training programme. They’re prepared to tackle any challenge or security threat that may arise. Due consideration is given on enhancing their communication & customer service skills thus providing a comprehensive on-site service.

Innovative customized solutions, a stringent work-ethic and complete transparency have been the underlying factors of our rapid growth & success.

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